Los Molinos Restaurant at Auraria

Authentic Mexican Food

We are very excited to bring our authentic Mexican recipes to Auraria!  Our dream began in the late 80’s when we drove around in one of the very few food trucks catering to many working Coloradans in Downtown Denver. We then opened our first establishment in North East Denver in 2002 at 1603 Bruce Randolph St Denver CO 80205. Since then we have continued to share our love for food through tacos, gorditas, tortas, breakfast burritos, caldos, and smothered burritos! We invite you to join us on our new journey!!



•Asada•Pollo•Carnitas•Barbacoa•Al Pastor•Ground Beef•Adobada•Carne con Chile•Chicharron•Adobada•Al Carbon•Veggie and vegan options available

Street tacos that you would find on a lonchera (food truck). You can add onion, cilantro, lime and a variety of salsas!

Breakfast Burritos

 •El Original (ham) •El Paisa

(Chorizo)•El Guero(no chili) •VG(no meat) •V(potatoes, chili, tomatoes, avocado)

Our breakfast burritos are wrapped in a flour tortilla and include potato, egg, cheese and green chili. Fun fact- our green chili is cooked in oil (not lard).


•Asada•Pollo•Carnitas•Barbacoa•Al Pastor•Al Carbon•Ground Beef•Adobada•Carne con Chile•Chicharron•Veggie•Rajas con Queso•Nopalitos•Frijol con Queso•Veggie and vegan options available.

Gorditas are corn pita-like & stuffed with rice, beans & your choice of meat!

Smother Burritos

•Asada•Pollo•Carnitas•Barbacoa•Al Pastor•Al Carbon•Ground Beef•Adobada•Carne con Chile•Chicharron•Frijol con Queso•Veggie and vegan options available.

Smother burritos are wrapped in a flour tortilla, stuffed with beans and rice and your choice of meat on the inside. On the outside it is topped with our green chili (made with regular oil-not lard), lettuce, cheese, tomato and sour cream.


•Asada•Pollo•Carnitas•Barbacoa•Al Pastor•Ground Beef•Adobada•Carne con Chile•Chicharron•Al Carbon•Desayuno•Frijol con Queso•Jamon con Queso•Veggie options available

A torta is our Mexican version of a sub/sandwich. It has 2 thick pieces of telera bread, stacked with your choice of meat, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, avocado and some mayo.


•Asada•Pollo•Carnitas•Barbacoa•Al Pastor•Ground Beef•Adobada•Carne con Chile•Chicharron•Al Carbon•Veggie and Vegan options available

Bowls are basically burritos but without the tortilla! Rice, beans, your choice of meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream.


•Asada•Pollo•Carnitas•Barbacoa•Al Pastor•Ground Beef•Adobada•Carne con Chile•Chicharron•Frijol con Queso•Veggie and vegan options available

Craving something crunchy? Try a tostada, it includes a hard shell flat tortilla, beans and your choice of meat and is topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream.

Desert, Drinks & More

•Spring Fling•Paletas Michoacanas•Pan Dulce•Fresas con Crema•Yogurt Parfait•Coca, Sprite, Fanta y Fresca Mexicana•Jarritos•Aguas Frescas•Soda de lata•Hot & Iced Coffee•Tea

We also have Mexican chips, candies and more!

Los Molinos Restaurant


Opening Hours

Dine In. Take Away.

Monday-Thursday 7am-7pm & Friday 7am-4pm


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